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Year 1 & 2

Year 1 & 2 2023/24 Autumn Term 1 Autumn Term 2 Spring Term 1 Spring Term 2 Summer Term 1 Summer Term 2
Art In the Dark of the Night (Effects and Emotions) Aut 1 Dreams and Nightmares (Artists, Artisans and Process) Spring 1 At the Seaside (Artists, Artisans and Techniques)
Dreams and Nightmares (Artists, Artisans and Process) Summer 1
Computer Science Technology Around us Pictograms Programming Animation Making Music Programming: Robot algorithms Programming: Quizzes
Design Technology   What is Design and Technology?
Structures—Stability & Strength
  Slider Mechanisms
Technical knowledge
  Portable snacks Design inspiration
Geography   Describing maps of the world—United Kingdom   Climate—Weather & Extreme Weather   Continents and oceans—The Arctic Ocean
The Indian Ocean
History The Gun Powder Plot   Florence Nightingale   The Moon Landing
Neil Armstrong
Music Music Vocabulary (Theme: Under the Sea) Tempo (Theme: Snail and Mouse) Timbre and rhythmic patterns (Theme: Fairytales) Pitch and tempo (Theme: Superheroes) Pulse and rhythm (Theme: All about me) Classical music, dynamics and tempo (Theme: Animals)
PE Invasion Games (e.g. Triangle Pass), Dance Net and Wall Games, Gymnastics Outdoor and Adventurous Activities Target (Athletics) Striking and Fielding (Cricket, Rounders)
PSHE Family and relationships Citizenship: Considering why we have rules. Economic Wellbeing: What is money Health and Wellbeing: Understanding emotions. Safety and the changing body.
RE Christianity—The Old and New Testament Islam—What do Muslims learn about Allah and their faith? Islam—How can this faith be seen as inspirational to Muslims? Christianity—What do the stories in the New Testament tell them about Jesus? Islam—How do they express their beliefs? Christianity/Islam—What do they do to celebrate birth?
Science Investigate Living Things Light and Seeing
Electric Circuits
Materials Understand Animals and Humans Plants Movement, Forces and Magnets