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Our Classes

Our classes

We changed our class names for the start of September 2021. After much deliberation, including consulting our children, we decided on a science-based theme. Our rationale was for two reasons. Firstly, it is part of our curriculum intent to make greater links with our science and for our children to recognise the importance of science as part of their curriculum. Our second reason was we wanted the pupils to see that scientists come from all backgrounds and ethnicities. This was a great way to get them interested in learning science.

Children enter our school and start their educational journey with all of their potential life opportunities before them. As they progress through the school, they continue their education through KS1, learning crucial life skills like resilience and determination. We will have prepared them for a world of opportunities, where every child can go on to achieve the life goals and dreams, ensuring that all children are know they can achieve and be whoever they want to be.

Nursery Class

Carson class after Rachel Carson (1907–1964) who was a student of nature, a born ecologist and a writer who found that the natural world gave her something to write about. She was well known for her book Silent Spring (1962).

Reception Class

Newton class after Sir Isaac Newton, (1643–1727). A Lincolnshire born physicist and mathematician who developed the laws of gravity and was known as one of the greatest minds of 17th century Scientific Revolution.

Year 1–2 Class

Dyson class after Sir James Dyson (1947–Present). James was born in Norflok and he is a renowned for his dual bagless vacuum cleaner invention as well as setting up James Dyson Foundation which supports the work of young designers.

Year 3–4 Class

Anning class after Mary Anning (1799–1847). Mary was one of the greatest fossil hunters of all time. Anning found the first complete skeleton of the long-necked Plesiosaurus (sea dragon), and in 1828 she found the first British example of a Pterodactylus, displayed in the British Museum as a 'flying dragon'.

Year 5–6 Class

Einstein class after Albert Einstein (1879–1955) was a German-born theoretical physicist. Best known for developing the theory of relativity, he also made important contributions to quantum mechanics, and was thus a central figure in the revolutionary reshaping of the scientific understanding of nature.

Portrait of Rachel CarsonCarson Class
Portrait of Sir Isaac NewtonNewton Class
Portrait of Sir James DysonDyson Class
Years 1–2
Portrait of Mary AnningAnning Class
Year 3–4
Portrait of Albert EinsteinEinstein Class
Years 5–6