Proud to be a member of the
Lincolnshire Gateway Academies Trust

Vision & Values

In 2021, we re-visited our core values, which involved liaising with staff and pupils to consider the areas that we felt should be our daily focus across different aspects of Theddlethorpe Academy: Pride, Achievement, Confidence and Effort (PACE) underpins everything we all feel is important.

Everyone is an Achiever: Pride, Achievement,
	  Confidence, Effort

Pride: We feel the children feel more positive and connected to their school, see themselves as learners, better understand their learning and growth. They take pride in their work and being part of the Academy.

Achievement: It is important to recognise and support the achievements of all our children and young people. This can help to develop their confidence and motivation for learning. It can also help them to reflect on their own learning and plan appropriate next steps.

‘Everyone is an Achiever.’

Confidence: We believe that every child should be confident in their ability to succeed in school and the wider world. If our children are confident, they believe in their abilities and can strive to achieve their goals. Effort: Every child understands that they will achieve with the effort they put in.

Effort: Every new success that the children reach through their efforts boosts their confidence in themselves and their abilities. Effort keeps the children focused on success.

Six pupils hold up their 'Core Values: Effort' certificates.

What are our ultimate goals?

Our vision and values are linked explicitly to our curriculum which has been organised to inspire and challenge all learners, aspiring to be ambitious, broad and balanced. It is our aim that all children will be provided with wider opportunities to develop life-long learning skills and develop their own interests to succeed in the future.

Pupils prepare to play sport.

The curriculum is organised to provide students with deep knowledge and skills to achieve cultural capital and success in life. Our aim is to:

  • Provide a broad and balanced education for all pupils;
  • Ensure the curriculum is accessible for all pupils, considering all ability ranges;
  • Provide pupils with the ability to develop a deep learning of knowledge and the mechanisms for retrieving and applying knowledge.
  • Inspire and challenge all learners to aspire to high achievement;
  • Ensure pupils' knowledge is fully developed to support their social, moral, spiritual and cultural awareness to promote diversity and key values;
  • Develop pupils who are tolerant, respectful and understanding;
  • Provide equal opportunities for all pupils, with high expectations for every learner ensuring appropriate levels of challenge and support;
  • Develop key skills such as teamwork; independence, resilience; responsibility; and communication;
  • Ensure pupils have a wide knowledge of career opportunities in a local and wider national context;
  • Provide pupils with leadership opportunities to develop strength of character and self-confidence;
  • Ensure pupils' have wider opportunities to develop an interest and fascination in subjects and topics that interest them or that might interest them;
  • Consider barriers to learning, linked to the local context and the circumstances faced by individual students;
  • Promote an awareness of key issues such as healthy living; democracy and national and international events.
A pupil with arms out-stretched stands in front of a Tawny
	  Eagle silhouette, printed on the side of a bird enclosure.

Ultimately, our vision is to fully prepare pupils for their secondary education and the world beyond, supporting them to be kind, respectful and courageous in everything they do.